Joyroom USB Typ C / 3,5 mm mini Hörlurs adapter och ladding (vit) (SH-C1

En fräsch vit USB-C till USB-C och 3.5mm hörlurs uttag

Perfekt så att man kan lyssna på musik samtidigt som man laddar mobilen

129,00kr (103,20kr exkl. moms)

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Joyroom USB Type C – USB Type C / 3,5 mm mini jack headphone adapter audio and charging (SH-C1)

We hereby present a converter USB Type C into Type C, which you can use both to charge and listen to music. Adapt it to the phone devoid of an earphones port and increase functionality of the device. Enjoy high-quality product which makes your equipment work efficiently and more universally than ever before. See its advantages and technical parameters – place an order in our online store.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Material: ABS + TPE
  • Current: 3 A
  • Chip protocol: Reltek

Major features:

  • Function: charging, listening to music, calling, line control
  • Intended use: mobile phone with Type-C port (charging port and earphones port are shared)
  • The cable is flexible, resistant to pulling and durable
  • Small size, easy to move
  • No need to install drivers (controllers), responsive
  • High purity oxygen without copper wire core, strong conductivity, current interference shielding

High-quality sounds

While listening to music and watching TV programs, choose the converter which substantially improves quality of sounds. Due to convenient connection and possibility of using devices in a few ways, nothing prevents you from freeing your hands and using them to play or surf the Internet while charging. The battery will not go flat in the least expected moment!

Solid manufacture 

The components of this electronic gadget are solid and designed for long-term use. Inside you can see galvanized copper core wires covered in a solid insulation layer and placed in the resistant TPE housing. Conduction of impulses through such structure is smooth and failure-free.

Importantly, even frequent bending of the cable does not cause it to crack or get deformed. It is flexible enough, easy to press and therefore you can easily connect it to the nearest socket.

Quick charging, convenient use

The device is ready for work straight away. All you need to do is connect earphone and charger plugs and enjoy! Use your items as you prefer – in many ways and without limits, at the same time!


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